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A Rwanda safari offers various unique delights for Rwanda tours and Rwanda Tourism Travellers , despite Rwanda being a small and landlocked Country in Equatorial Africa and it's past political history.

rwanda silver back gorillaRwanda is home for the endangered mountain gorillas that live in the Parc National des Volcans. Lying in the Virunga Conservation area where Dian Fossey dedicated her life studying the behaviour of mountain gorillas, Parc national des Volcans is one of the 3 national parks where tracking of the endangered mountain gorillas can be carried out. Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda Nyungwe Forest is another notable safari destination in this tiny country. It is one of the largest montane forests in Central Africa and it is famous for golden monkey tracking and other primate trekking tours. The park is renowned for its large troops of colobus monkeys and rich variety of orchids that can be seen on a nture walk within this tropical rain forest. Rwanda is also renowned for game viewing tours for typical rwanda safaris.

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Rwanda has a number of distinctive safari adventure offers for travellers. Parc National des Volcans in the Virunga volcanoes is home to the mountain gorillas. Nyungwe Forest, one of the largest montane forests in Central Africa, is renowned for its large troops of colobus monkeys and rich variety of orchids. Akagera National Park is a savannah park with elephants, hippo and crocodile. Lake Kivu is a beautiful inland sea enclosed by steep terraced hillsides. There are a large variety of birds. Rwanda has a rich culture with its second city, Butare, having one of the finest cultural museums in Africa.

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3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Tour
The 3 day Rwanda gorilla tour takes you to rwanda gorilla trekking 3days tours rwandaParc National Des Volcans. Rwanda's most frequented safari destination and offers you more opportunity to explore the true Rwanda beauty as you drive across different parts of country cherished as a "land of a thousand hills". Thus, with such a consideration, your eyes are sure to feast and your soul to cherish all the memories of a 3 days gorilla adventure tour in Rwanda!
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5 Days Uganda - Rwanda Gorilla Trekking
This 5 days combined Uganda Rwanda gorilla and wildlife safari begins in Uganda and gorillas in uganda and rwandaends in Rwanda, taking you to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Parc National Des volcans (PNV) for tracking gorillas in two best mountain gorilla trekking safari destinations in East Africa. Apart from the gorillas, you will be able to explore wonderous scenery, take a city tour in Rwanda, view other primate species like monkeys, and a good number of bird species which are a characteristic of the two countries! Read More | Book Now
7 Days Rwanda Primates & gorilla Tour
This 7 days tour to Rwanda is designed to offer you an opportunity to exclussively rwanda primates in nyungwe forest national parkvisit and view all of Rwanda's primate species. The tour starts in Kigali with an airport pickup, and transfer to your designated hotel for an overnight stay. The next day will begin with an early morning break fast, transfer to Nyungwe forest national park-the 3rd largest montane forest in Africa, and you will never look back! en route visiting the traditional palace of Rwanda's Former King in Nyanza. Read More | Book Now
6 Days Rwanda Primates Adventure
Explore Nyungwe Forest National Park,On long nature walk where you will visit the Kamiranzo water falls rwanda birdingand see variety of bird species and also primates like monkeys Visit Nyungwe forest National Park to see primate species such as Colobus monkeys, forest birds and later, you will be able to see the chimpanzees and you will take a short city tour and visit places like the Genocide Memorial sites, Local African markets, handcraft shops. Read More | Book Now
8 Days Rwanda Cultural Tours
Have a grand tour of the Rwanda Natioanl Museum which is one of East Africa’s finnest Ethnographic rwanda cultural dancecollection. The Museum displays advanced Artcrafts which are traditional and also provide insights into pre-colonial lifestyles and also Rwanda’s cultural lifestyles You will then visit the Ross Carr’s Orphanage and then later travel to Kigali city for a short city tour.You will visit places like the Genocide Memorial sites, Local African markets Aand finally you will visit the mountain gorillas. Terrain is rough and muddy and this means that you as gorilla trekkers, you have to be strong enough and also physically fit. Read More | Book Now
14 Days Best of Rwanda and Uganda Safari
queen elizabeth national park tree climbing lionsThis trip starts in Kigali.Visit the Genocide Memorial sites of Gisozi and Murambi, The reconciliation village in Bugesera, local markets, Handcraft shops , visit the fishing villages around the town, the solid field lava from Nyiragongo Mountain that erupted in 2002 and also the hot springs Experience a boat ride on lake Bunyonyo which will enable you explore the second deepest lakes in Africa. The boat ride will also give you a chance to visitthe Pygmies on one of the Islands In Queen Elizabeth National Park via the Ishasha sector commonly known for its rare tree climbing lions. The game drive en route in Ishasha will reward you with beautiful views of different animals, like the rare treee climbing lions, elephants, buffaloes Read More| Book Now
20 Days Perfect Rwanda, Uganda Safari
Explore the top of the falls in murchision falls, where the waters of the mighty river Nile forces its self murchision falls safarithrough a 7 meter narrow gorge. You will have early morning game drive in the Northern sector of the Park. Search for big game animals like Lions, Buffaloes, Elephants, Antelops, Kobs afternoon; go for the launcg cruise to the bottom of the falls. This will give you great views of water loving animals like crocodiles, Hippos and also birdspecies like the rare shoebill stork. Read More | Book Now